Cartridge Unit Bearings

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Set-screw, adapter, and eccentric collar type cylindrical cartridge units allow the self-alignment and free movement of bearings. The use of cylindrical cartridge units also allows for the expansion and contraction of the shaft caused by differences in temperature. Metallic cartridges have grade 10 balls, finished ball paths, and a three-piece “R” seal in wide inner-ring bearing inserts. Conductive rubber cylindrical cartridge units have either a straight, beveled, or special profiled outer diameter and an extended inner ring bearing insert. The conductive rubber cartridge units dampen vibration and have quiet running characteristics. Applications for cylindrical cartridge units include heating and air conditioning systems, ventilating equipment, and conveyor systems.

QM INDUSTRIES QAMC18A308SM Cartridge Unit Bearings

142 kN 59 mm
80 mm 56.7 mm

QM INDUSTRIES QAAMC10A200ST Cartridge Unit Bearings

260 mm 48 mm
9750 kgf 157 mm

QM INDUSTRIES QAAMC10A115SEB Cartridge Unit Bearings

0.02 KGS 0.083
In Stock Two Metal Shields

QM INDUSTRIES QVMC17V211SN Cartridge Unit Bearings

1 pcs Negotiable

QM INDUSTRIES QAMC18A307SM Cartridge Unit Bearings

4.4375 in 1:12
W26 23226, 22326

QM INDUSTRIES QAAMC10A050SB Cartridge Unit Bearings

-50 to +150 &de Chrome-Plated Steel
Angular Contact 239000 N

QM INDUSTRIES QAMC15A300SM Cartridge Unit Bearings

411 mm 75
0.33 360 r/min

QM INDUSTRIES QVMC11V050SN Cartridge Unit Bearings

Round 7.7000 to 8.4000 in
10.4400 in Click here

QM INDUSTRIES QVMC11V200SN Cartridge Unit Bearings

1.0000 in Uncoated
Single Cup Non-Flanged Cup

QM INDUSTRIES TAMC26K407ST Cartridge Unit Bearings

Non-Flanged Cup Single Cup
No Hole Class 2

QM INDUSTRIES TAMC22K100SN Cartridge Unit Bearings

Steel, PTFE Fabric Chrome-Plated Steel
1/4 in Steel

QM INDUSTRIES TAMC22K100ST Cartridge Unit Bearings

Click here 4012802786477
19600 N 12 mm